7 Steps to Get Out of Debt

You know what sucks? Being in debt. You know what doesn’t suck? Being debt free. Let’s go from the former to the latter, shall we? 1. Make a plan of attack You didn’t wander into debt, and you aren’t going to wander out of it. You need a plan. So what might your plan look like? Various gurus will tell … Read More

8 Reasons Not to Contribute to Your 401(k)

Saving for retirement is super important provided you don’t want to be 78 and eating Alpo. While you have been paying into social security your whole life and you might even hold a unicorn pension, it’s important to save enough on your own in case these don’t come through for you. An employer sponsored plan, or a 401(k) may be … Read More

8 Unusual Investments That You Didn’t Know About

You’ve heard of mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, real estate, and of course, cash, as investment options. But have you looked into alternative investments? From P2P lending to classic cars, there are a ton of unusual investments that you may not have considered. Check out this list of unique investments! 1. Peer-to-peer lending. What the heck is that? Well after … Read More

9 Things You Need to Know About 401(k)s

Employer sponsored retirement plans can be awesome. They often offer a contribution match and the ease of payroll deductions. Let’s discuss some things that you should know about 401(k)s. 1. You (and others) are not contributing enough to your 401(k)s. Did you know that while average 401(k) balances are up, the average account still cannot support a person’s retirement? In … Read More

7 Secrets Your Stock Broker Won’t Tell You

Stock brokers — can’t live with them, can’t kill them. That’s the phrase, right? Stock brokers are the fabulous people who buy and sell stocks and securities for you and other victims clients. That’s awfully nice of them, isn’t it? Well, believe it or not, this work is not done out of the goodness of their hearts. They receive a … Read More

5 Common Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Investing is hard. Why? Acronyms. IRA, REIT, ETF, APR, YOLO, BRB — okay, so those last two aren’t investing terms, but you get the point. Investing can be confusing and it’s difficult to understand all of the terminology and what it really means. This is why a lot of people don’t invest — ignorance and fear. To combat this, let’s … Read More

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a House

Look, I get it. All of your friends are buying houses. They have adorable little white picket fences, and their dogs are happy and there’s music playing in the background. My friends are doing that too. They have awesome houses, big TVs, and lots of space. Yet, I’m not tempted to buy a home because I’m simply not ready. It … Read More

15 Hidden Costs Of Owning A Home

We’re so conditioned to think that buying a home is the American dream. It’s what you should do when you graduate from college and get a respectable job, right? The thing is, for so many people across the country, owning a home has turned into a nightmare. Between buying houses that they can’t afford and being crushed by maintenance fees, … Read More

11 Dangerous Mistakes First-Time Homebuyers Make

It’s finally time to buy your first house! Yay; cue the band! ! I bet you can’t wait to tour some neighborhoods and get your paws on your dream home. Of course, before you take that first big step, let’s take a second to think this through. After all, it’s a huge, life-altering decision, and unfortunately, lots of first time … Read More

8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Refinance Your Mortgage

These days, it seems like homeowners are refinancing their mortgages left and right. Of course, who can blame them? The word on the street is that refinancing can save people significant money each month on their mortgage payments. While that may be true for some people, it’s not true for everyone. The main problem is that all we ever hear … Read More