20 Ways to Sell Your House for More Money

When you put your house on the market, we know you want to make an awesome profit so that you can move into your new digs in style. Did you know, though, that so many people leave money on the table just because they didn’t do a few small updates? Don’t let that be you! Below we’ve listed 20 things that … Read More

10 Ways a Bad Credit Score Can Hurt You

All of us who have taken on any form of debt have a credit score between 300 and 850. This score, made up of percentage of on-time payments, length of credit history, credit utilization, number and type of accounts, and amount of new credit inquiries, affects your ability to take out credit and the terms attached to said credit. But … Read More

10 Things Your Credit Card Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Ah, credit card companies, the super nice, super generous non-profit organizations that give us credit to improve our lives and help us live out the American Dream. Just kidding, they are totally evil. They are also secretive. Let’s talk about the secrets that your credit card company isn’t letting you in on. 1. It can change the terms on you…and … Read More

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Do you know your credit score? It’s that little number between 300 and 850 that determines your worth as a person. No, it doesn’t actually do that. But it is an important number because it does determine your creditworthiness which will totally matter if you need to take out a personal loan or a mortgage. The higher your credit score, … Read More

7 Mistakes That Hurt Your Credit Score

If you are looking to take out a loan or purchase a home in the near future, you need to either improve your credit score or maintain your already great score. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to attain a credit score in the 700s or even 800s. Just avoid these mistakes that hurt your credit score. 1. Applying for too many … Read More

10 Credit Card Perks You Didn’t Know You Had

When you apply for a credit card, what perks do you look for? Probably cash back, airline miles, or hotel rewards. While these are all great rewards (I’m a lover of hotel rewards myself), you may be leaving other unknown perks on the table. These are credit card companies, people, take everything they will give you! When people think employee … Read More

12 Ways to Pay Back Student Loans Faster

The average student graduates with around $28,000 of student loan debt. Ouch! Never to be outdone, I surpassed that by $8,000. Aren’t I a winner? Student loan repayment plans usually range from 10 to 30 years. If you are anything like me, you aren’t really interested in keeping your student loans for as long as most people keep their mortgages! … Read More

10 Ways College Students Can Earn Extra Cash

Ramen jokes exist for a reason, college students are broke! And they should be, every young adult needs to go through that broke period. It’s a rite of passage into the hell that we call the real world. However, ramen noodles three times a day is not exactly a nutritionally balanced diet. To purchase expensive things (like fruits and vegetables!), … Read More

How to Prepare for a Job Interview: 9 Steps

You sent your resume out and your dream company some random company has decided to grant you an interview. How exciting! And nerve wracking! Now you actually have to go meet with people. To prove to them that you are both capable of adequately performing the job and capable of not being a psycho from 9-5, follow these tips for … Read More

How to Ask for a Raise and Get it: 7 Steps

There are two ways to save more money — spend less or make more (or both!). While some people worship the god of frugality, I’m a much bigger fan of making more. Why? I like nice things, awesome vacations, and fabulous food and wine. Cutting coupons is not as effective as bringing home more bacon to get these things, in … Read More