10 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

College graduates are supposed to earn an average of $1 million over their lifetimes than those without college degrees. While college can definitely set you up for some financial benefits, there are also many reasons not to go to college. It’s expensive. The opportunity cost is high (entering the work force 4-8 years after your non-college peers). Some people simply … Read More

11 Ways You’re Throwing Your Money Away

You know what’s super fun? Tossing dollar bills out the window! There’s nothing like driving down a country road in the middle of summer and throwing money out the window. I’m just kidding. That’s terrible. None of us would throw out money out the window! But how many of us are wasting money? In life, you should be spending on … Read More

15 Ways to Save on Gas

Being a car owner can be expensive. Between car payments, insurance, maintenance, parking, and gas, you could be spending hundreds, or even thousands, on your vehicle each month! Let’s discuss ways to save on gas to minimize this as much as possible, shall we? 1) Drive a fuel efficient car. Driving a gas guzzling car is the quickest way to … Read More

13 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

“Paying my electric bill is the most fun thing ever!” — said no one. EVER. Utilities are possibly the second most boring thing we have to pay for on a regular basis (the MOST boring thing being insurance). However, since heat and lights are pretty awesome things to have, they are a necessary evil. Check out these tips to save … Read More

12 Ways to Save Money Eating Out

I am a huge fan of eating out. Chefs make better food than I do AND I don’t have to do any dishes! The main problem with eating out is the cost — it can be much more expensive than making your meals yourself. To indulge in meals out and save a little cash while doing it, try these tips. … Read More

10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Do you know how much money you are eating each month? Not literally, eating money is not nutritious. I mean the amount of money you are spending on food! Groceries and eating out are some of the biggest budget busters for many people trying to get a handle on their finances. Let’s talk about several ways you can save money … Read More

7 Things to Know About Your 401k Plan

Simply put, a 401k is a retirement savings plan sponsored by an employer as an added benefit to its employees. Any piece of financial literature will tell you that if your employer offers a 401k plan with a match, you should definitely be contributing. Organizations factor this money into the total compensation package they extend to potential employees upon hire, … Read More

7 Common Investing Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and investing is no different, except it carries the risk of costing you large sums of money. Investing in the market can be a daunting undertaking, but the numbers do not lie—investing in the stock market will still net you better returns over the long term than keeping money in a traditional savings account. Do not be … Read More

5 Unusual Investment Ideas

After the market crash of 2008, many are loath to invest in the traditional markets. And who came blame them? Even though the economy is rebounding it can still be difficult to put your money and faith in a financial advisor or fund that you have little to no control over. For those who prefer a less-traditional approach, there are … Read More

4 Reasons Not to Contribute To Your 401k

Despite the fact that 401ks are a great benefit a lot of companies offer to employees, there are several valid reasons to not contribute to a 401k program. Even so, many individuals choose not to contribute to a 401k because they feel intimidated by retirement accounts, or contributing regularly might not be in their best financial interests long term. Most … Read More