7 Steps to Get Out of Debt

You know what sucks? Being in debt. You know what doesn’t suck? Being debt free. Let’s go from the former to the latter, shall we? 1. Make a plan of attack You didn’t wander into debt, and you aren’t going to wander out of it. You need a plan. So what might your plan look like? Various gurus will tell … Read More

8 Things Debt Collectors Don’t Want You to Know

Debt collectors probably have the worst job ever. Have you ever asked a six-year-old what they want to be when they grow up? Have you ever heard the answer “debt collector”? Rule of thumb: unless a six-year-old aspires to be whatever you currently are, your job sucks. But this isn’t about six-year-olds. This is about debt collectors. People love to … Read More

6 Reasons Why Debt Consolidation is a Bad Idea

Most of us plagued by large amounts of debt have considered debt consolidation at one point or another, and with good reason! After all, debt consolidation is combining all of your debts into one large debt and just making one payment per month. Awesome! Ain’t nobody got time for multiple payments, amiright? However, before you take the easy route, consider … Read More

5 Debt Traps and How to Avoid Them

Debt is really easy to get into, not so easy to get out of. Many people feel trapped by the amount of debt they have and are just not sure how to get off the hamster wheel. While some debt may be pretty unavoidable, like a mortgage, there are so many debt traps you should avoid because they are really … Read More

8 Bad Habits That Are Keeping You In Debt

Being in debt is no fun at all. There is absolutely nothing fun about giving up you money for things that you might not even have anymore. Delayed gratification is looking pretty good now, isn’t it? The only thing worse than getting into debt is staying in it for a long period of time, keeping yourself a slave to the … Read More